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What Our Clients Say

Ms. Melton is a brilliant and unwavering lawyer. We were fortunate enough to have her on our side while taking on a negligent automobile manufacturer and local dealership. She worked diligently on our case and followed through until the end. She made us feel at ease throughout every part of this grueling process. She was wholeheartedly determined to get us the best results and did not disappoint. We are overjoyed by the outcome of our lawsuit! We highly recommend Ms. Shawna Melton and her staff for a constructive experience.

– Jacqueline, Los Angeles, CA

I knew I had a faulty vehicle. However, I was naïve to believe that the manufacturer would do the right thing. Countless complaints through a service representative gets you nowhere. It was a lost battle to take on Land Rover by myself. Through legal representation only, can justice be achieved in the end. Shawna and her team were a dream to work with. Our lawsuit was filed just before the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Amidst restrictive measures of social distancing and courtrooms being closed for an extended time period, Shawna through it all, never gave up. I was very fortunate to be well presented. It wasn’t until working with Shawna that I discovered all the additional errors that existed with the vehicle. I knew from the start that lawsuits are very complex, and the end result narrows down to a good attorney. Shawna is well crafted in her profession and contributed actual time and investigative efforts to deep dive into the files to explore all avenues to build a strong case. We won because Shawna was well prepared and executed a strategic plan that went beyond the numerous service work orders that initiated the lawsuit. Shawna always kept me informed of any updates, and progress. I never felt out of the loop, and I knew I was in good hands because Shawna thought of everything. I would be typing all day if it came down to praises for Shawna. In a lawsuit, the verdict is everything. To put it simply, the manufacturer’s initial settlement offer was $2,500. Needless to say, I was offended by the lack of sincerity. Shawna took them on, and in the end, Land Rover bought back my 2016 Range Rover diesel sport for full price. I can’t think of a better real-life experience to capture Shawna’s abilities as an attorney.

– Kristen, Orange County, CA