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Fighting For Fairness If You Purchased A Lemon

A lemon is a term for a car that has more defects or problems than the consumer knew of when purchasing it. Fortunately, the state of California has laws in place to protect buyers’ rights.

If you believe that you purchased a lemon, do not give up hope. You might have the right to seek a refund and additional compensation for your damages. Lemon law attorney Shawna Melton is the person to assist you. Law Offices of Shawna Melton provides detail oriented and tenacious representation to consumers throughout California who bought defective vehicles or other consumer products.

What Is The California Lemon Law?

Our state has one of the most generous lemon laws in the U.S. Under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act – also called the California Lemon Law – consumers who purchased or leased new or used vehicles that were sold with an existing warranty, may have the right to a refund or replacement vehicle if their vehicle was presented for repairs more than one time under warranty and the defect substantially impairs the use, value or safety of the vehicle. The law also protects consumers of other consumer goods including, motorcycles, RVs, televisions, and other home appliances that are used primarily for personal or household use.

Why Hire an Attorney?

The law is complex and dealing with automobile manufacturers/distributors can be daunting. With a lawyer like Shawna Melton on your side, you have someone who knows the exact steps to take, whom to contact and what to do if you run into a challenge. You already made a significant financial investment in your vehicle, so you deserve to have legal representation to help you protect that investment.

Ask A Lawyer Whether You Have A Lemon Law Claim

You still have rights if you unwittingly purchased a faulty car. To learn more about those rights, speak with Shawna Melton as soon as you can. Schedule an initial consultation with her by calling 949-603-2218 or by using her online contact form.