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Considering filing bankruptcy is never easy. However, bankruptcy is not something shameful. Thousands of consumers throughout California file for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy every year. It is a positive option that can help you get a fresh start in life.

If you are wondering whether bankruptcy is right for you, contact Law Offices of Shawna Melton in San Clemente. You can sit down with our founding attorney, Shawna Melton, and talk about the circumstances that led you here. Then, she can determine which chapter, if any, is best for you.

Filing Bankruptcy: What To Know

There are two chapters of bankruptcy available to individual consumers. These include:

  1. Chapter 7, in which debtors liquidate certain assets to repay their creditors.
  2. Chapter 13, which allows debtors to create an affordable repayment plan.

After sitting down with a bankruptcy lawyer, the next step is to file a bankruptcy petition with the court in your jurisdiction. The court will enforce an automatic stay in which creditors can no longer attempt collections.

Soon thereafter, a bankruptcy trustee will review your case. Your attorney has the right to be present for this. Within 21 to 40 days, you will have a meeting of creditors to discuss the liquidation of assets or repayment of your debts. Once you have a liquidation or repayment plan in place, the court will discharge your remaining unsecured debt.

Learn Whether Bankruptcy Is Right For You

As you can see, the legal process can feel quite overwhelming. Do not hesitate to reach out to Law Offices of Shawna Melton when you need skillful legal help. Shawna can examine your situation and help you decide the next steps to take. To reach her for an initial consultation, please call 949-603-2218 or send her an email.

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